Thursday , 24 July 2014

Don’t choose just one school

profileAt the high school where I’m from, every year students apply to a variety of the colleges depending on their tastes. Come mid-March, when students are informed whether or not they are accepted, everyone begins to gravitate towards the local UC: UC Davis.

Now, don’t get me wrong, UC Davis is a great university and is definitely worthy of its praise. But many students do not take the time to properly look into a college before deciding.

Many of the students who chose Davis didn’t take the time to look into any of the other schools they applied to. Since Davis is local, most knew about Davis fairly well and assumed there wasn’t much of interest at the others. Of all the students going to UCs from my high school, probably about 60% went to Davis.

Now that a year’s almost up, I’ve found that some of the students who hastily made their decisions now regret their choice and are looking to transfer.

My point is this: look into all the schools that accept you.

If you’re accepted into the school right by yours, take the time to research the other schools that accepted you and give them equal consideration. Just because a school is close by does not necessarily mean that it’s the best fit for you. Read More »

Why you should make friends with your teaching assistant

buddha about timeThese are the tips from Alice Rades who runs the EducateTheUSa website, her website publishes tips for helping people get their high school equivalency diploma by attending GED preparation courses in order to continue education in the college. So for all those first year freshman students that are ready to take their first leap into college life there is an important factor you must take into consideration.  Many of you have probably overlooked how to connect with professors and teaching assistants.  It’s central to understand how to communicate with them if you want your classes and the rest of your college career to be successful.

What is a teaching assistant?

A Teaching Assistant (TA) assists the professor in marking tests, papers and exams, putting lectures together, putting tests together, running discussion groups and pretty much anything else the professor wants.  Most teaching assistants are graduate students and are therefore quite busy with classes, teaching and doing their own research.

Why is it important to know your teaching assistant?

I’m about to give you a bit of a hard pill to swallow here to prepare yourself.  Most first year classes have hundreds of students in them and are run by young professors and inexperienced teaching assistants; this creates a situation where it is impossible to know most students on a personal level.  Therefore, when that paper or test comes along that you didn’t study for; having a connection with the TA is CENTRAL to your academic success.  With this in mind here are some strategies that will help you make that connection so that when you do get in trouble with the course load you have help. Read More »

Demand for Skilled Workers in the Renewable Energy Sector

Sustainability2013There is no dearth of job opportunities in the renewable energy sector. There is also great variety when it comes to renewable energy careers. This may often make it difficult for prospective employees to choose their professional niche. This also makes it possible for people from various backgrounds to make their foray into the field. Interested candidates may even undergo professional training to become a part of the industry.

Like any other sector, renewable energy recruitment also has much room for people from diverse backgrounds. These include marketing, communications and other fields of business support. There are diverse aspects of business and various other tasks associated with it. These include accounting, corporate planning, information technology, business law, finance and human resources. Apart from these, career opportunities abound in diverse fields of renewable technology sector. Opportunities in the sector are available in the fields of wind power, photovoltaics, solar power, hydropower, geothermal energy and bioenergy.

There is also a lack of skilled workers in the renewable energy sector. People from diverse backgrounds can become a part of the sector at any point of time. But if you begin your career in the field, then you can learn the ropes of the trade after doing the groundwork well. Read More »

Opt for Proper Training to have a Bright Career in Wind Energy Sector

wind turbine-2Over the years, wind energy has become so popular that different regions of the world aim to implement wind-training programs from early school level to university level. It has also created new opportunities in the service sector. Along with the growing demand for field technicians, operational maintenance or installation technician there are adequate opportunities in wind farms jobs. So to have a winning career in this sector it is important to have in-depth knowledge which can be gained through proper training.

To enter this sector it is fair to have prior training from an organized institute. With the increasing number of wind energy jobs many institutes have now introduced specialized training in particular wind energy sector. Aspirants can also follow a different approach by joining university labs which is popular for wind research.

Components of Good Training Programs

A good training program should provide proper theoretical as well as technical knowledge. It should teach them the right tactics to handle projects related to this sector so that at the end of the course candidates have knowledge about project start up, project maintenance and cost to carry out particular function. Read More »

Changing career is no walk in the park

doitThere may come a time when you just aren’t experiencing the job satisfaction that you felt when you first started at a company. You may have achieved all you can achieved within the industry, you may become disillusioned with the sector or you might have just grown tired with the work.

However, after working in the sector for 30 years, it’s all you know. Three decades in the field may make you an expert in the industry but it could leave huge gaps in knowledge in other fields. So, a complete career change seems nigh on impossible, right?

Wrong. You can make a career change and still pay the rent/mortgage if you’re determined enough.

Whether you choose to invest your newly-acquired time in counselling courses, accountancy, lifeguarding – anything, in fact – you’ll feel a lot better after making the change. Finding an equilibrium for your work-life balance is key to securing a happy, healthy future.

The first point to consider when making a career change is whether you have the grit and determination to make the change. After all, the secure, comfortable bubble that represents your old job can easily take care of you for the rest of your life. Are you truly willing to give up everything in order to make the change? If not, then perhaps sticking around in your old job would be better. However, for those looking for a complete change, to follow a dream or to just try their hand at something new.

Financially, securing enough capital so you can last a few months without income is key during a career change. You can’t suddenly jump from one ladder to another and expect to land on the same step. Making a career change is about working your way from the bottom to the top – both professionally and financially.

Changing career is not an easy road – you will encounter obstacles along the way. However, if you stick with it, you will find yourself richer for the experience. Read More »

Five Easy Ways to Make Your Company More Green

Being green means using business processes that are environmentally friendly. Some companies ignore going green because they think that it may be an inconvenience. In reality, there are several ways that your company can go green, and that will not take much time out of your day at all.

Five Easy Ways to Make Your Company More Green

  1. Turn Off Lights When They Are Not In Use

If you can turn off a light, then you can help to save the environment. The next time you are walking around your office, take note of how many empty offices and rooms have all of their lights on. By turning those lights off, you are reducing your energy consumption, which saves the environment and saves you money. You might consider investing in motion detected lights that will help you to save money without doing any extra work. Read More »

Understanding Global Warming

Save-ElectricityThe most debated topic on earth is the issue of climate change. This a universally accepted statement. The system of the seasons is changing, and climatic conditions have become unpredictable. Nonseasonal rains are being experienced, the earth is getting warmer, glaciers are melting down, and the sea levels are rising. Fertile lands are becoming infertile and diseases are spreading, some fear that life as we know it will be ending soon, just  imagine what actions must be taken now to save our planet for next generations.

Who do you think is the culprit of these current situations? Well, in fact it is us, as we are all humans, aren’t we? It is our own activities that have resulted in the current situation.

So the following questions might come to everybody’s mind

1. What is it that we have done?
2. What are the effects on our environment?
3. How do environmental changes relate to Climate Change?
4. Can we do anything about it?

To answer the above questions, we need to identify and understand the causes, says Ales Rades from Educate the USA. This will help people appreciate the real problem and allows us to work on solutions.
Basically, in nature there is a group of gasses called “Green House Gases”, for instance water vapor , carbon dioxide and some other gasses. Ironically, the presence of these gasses in the earth’s atmosphere is a prerequisite for life on earth. In fact,  these gasses have been helping to regulate the temperature on Earth for ages. These green house gasses absorb reflected solar heat radiation from the earth’s surface and thus prevent the average temperature of the earth to get too cold.

This process is called the “Green House Effect”. Read More »

National Parks Threatened by Nitrogen Pollution

edo-friendlyAs we (again) were confronted with 16 days of federal shutdown, we had to think a lot about our treasured national parks. The shutdown had a huge economic impact on lots of gateway communities that depend on the parks for their livelihood, and really was an embarrassing frustration to thousands of tourists. Nevertheless, a non-functional and depressing government isn’t really the only thing that is hurting our national parks. Recent studies show that airborne nitrogen pollution is seriously and irreversibly transforming the ecosystems of a large number of of our public places.

Nitrogen is actually a life-giving nutritional element in balanced earth and the most abundant ingredient in the air we inhale. We add nitrogen to plants via fertilizers that are able to transform a lawn to lavish green and enable tomato plants mature with lots of fruit. But the same as you can cherish your garden to death with an excessive amount of fertilizer, excessive nitrogen in the atmosphere can eliminate vulnerable plants while encouraging the development of nitrogen-loving microorganisms like algae and specific grasses.

Read More »

Green Living – Homes

native-plants-for-landscapingGreen Living – Homes

In a cultural sense, we seem to have arrived at the point where we started out from a few decades ago in terms of constructing houses for the future. In the 70′s and 80′s, moderate and affordable houses turned into disproportionate and enormous living quarters. It didn’t take long, though, that many people started to recognize that the toll that came with living in excess was substantial. These days,including environment friendly sustainable engineering and techniques into the construction of our homes has become not only acceptable but desirable or even necessary.
As a population, we have come to understand and maybe even welcome the theory that building and living in a modest, sustainable way is best for us and for generations to come. Home builders today are applying increasingly more renewable and environmentally conscious techniques to meet many home owners’ requirements. We have seen a dramatic shift in the principles of construction, and homes for future years are being constructed today with a lot of green technologies. Here are a some examples and possibilities:

- Roof-integrated photovoltaic (PV) solar electric power systems
Forget about old-fashioned solar energy panels, but imagine a system with more style. Photovoltaic roof integrated solar electric power systems are named this way because they do a lot more than just produce power by using the sun as source. These systems also are innovative and look very elegant. PV panels are incorporated into home constructing directly from the star of the design strategy. The panels take the place of conventional roofing materials, and the entire process of constructing the house is created around these panels. Visually and technically, they really are more attractive than the previous approach to applying solar roof panels.
Including PV technology right from the first designing phase of your home will cost just marginally more, and often even less or the same as implementing conventional roofing materials. Just about any additional costs incurred during the construction of your home will be returned in benefits because the amount of energy consumption will be considerably lower. During the lifespan of your house, the system will be paying for itself hundreds of times over. Read More »

Green Living – Little Things

roof-gardenGreen Living – Little Things to Consider

If you think little things don’t matter, you’re wrong. It just takes a bit of effort to go a long distance. Here you can find some tips to make your life a little greener.

- When you’re intending to buy a new computer, take into account that a laptop is wiser. A laptop saves space, goes anyplace and needs five time less energy than a desktop computer.

- Rather than sending your old rugs and carpets to the garbage dump, seek advice from your community animal shelter to find out if they could use your old carpets. A lot of things, from old towels to blankets and sheets, all this sort of articles will be appreciated.

- If available, buy shade grown coffee. This coffee is produced is a natural way right under the rain forest cover, preserving our forests from getting cut away and leaving more room for the absorbtion of carbon dioxide.

- Start out a plan where you, together with your community, buy in volume and share the surplus with friends and family. All contributors will certainly save money, and make substantial reductions regarding packaging, transportation and expenses for gasoline. Read More »